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I have been drawn my entire life to language and creation in wood, which much of my work combines. A fusion of images, words and wood. In it, I explore themes which deeply resonate for me, of mystery and wonder, nature, and ephemerality and change. My work as a whole is intended to convey a sense of peace. 


Most of my work in the last 20 years has been pieces I call textured tablets, which are incised wall art made from hard maple wood, using a pointille method (engraved small dots). They are incised with words, figurative beings and/ordecorative elements, intended to convey the themes which I attempt to express.


The pieces with words are intended as glimpses out of the corner of the eye – fragments of perceptions on fragments of wood.  


But you will also see some pieces in the round and some bas-relief, and some woods other than maple.


During almost 50 years of working in wood in various genres, I’ve evolved these pieces, both content and medium, and the work continues to evolve. I especially find textured tablets very satisfying to create and to share, though at heart they’re messages to myself. 

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, you can reach me at or 805-550-4167.

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